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About Me

Holden and Babe Ruth2Holden Buckner is a mergers and acquisitions professional with nearly 15 years of experience to his name. Skilled in helping small to medium sized privately held businesses prepare for acquisition as well assisting buyers in finding and acquiring businesses, Holden enjoys helping individuals monetize on the years worth of hard work and sacrifice they put into companies they build from the ground up.

Holden’s began his career in the finance industry before deciding to focus on helping companies prepare for M&A activity. As a man who likes to keep moving, meeting new people and traveling to help his clients is extremely fulfilling for him. Holden’s specializes in small to medium sized companies, ranging anywhere from $500k to $80 million valuations. Privately owned companies need experienced guidance when looking to liquidate equity in their self-built companies. Holden Buckner has made it his mission to help hard working folks prepare for these transactions.

Aside from his professional career, Holden Buckner is a pilot, owning his own 1970 Bellanca Super Viking. Considered the “Corvette” of airplanes, Holden houses his plane not far from home, making it easy to access for trip to see clients. His clients are located throughout the US and Canada, so Holden enjoys being able to utilize his hobby to perform his professional work.

The Super Viking itself is an airplane that is light and fast. The single engined, American-made aircraft employs its lightness for maximum performance and maneuverability.

Holden uses his Super Viking not only for leisure and transportation, he also flies for philanthropic causes. A frequent contributor to flying-based organizations, like Pilots-n-Paws, Austin Pug Rescue and Angel Flight (as seen above), Holden tries to schedule ways for him to help these causes during every scheduled flight. Holden is also a part of Pug Rescue of Austin, as well as being a bone marrow donor.

When he is not in the air or on the ground helping companies prepare for mergers or acquisitions, Holden Buckner is keeping himself fit. Staying healthy is incredibly important to Holden and is ever growing family. Health and fitness also help him stay sharp mentally, an attribute invaluable in his line of work.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Holden is currently residing in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. Holden is a proud father and grandfather to his daughter, son, and two grandchildren whom he spends time with as often as he can.